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ZAOR Studio Furniture Unveils Maestro Series

Romanian studio furniture specialist adds new line aimed at mastering pros.

Oradea, Romania (January 16, 2019)—ZAOR Studio Furniture has shipped its Maestro series of studio desks.

Designed in collaboration with a variety of studio engineers and equipment manufacturers, the Maestro line is led by the flagship Maestro 36, which sports an extra low profile to prevent the desk from getting in the way of sound reproduction. The desk includes VMT absorption panels by Vicoustic, located on the back to minimize reflections and resonances. Meanwhile, t he work surface itself is made from AERstop, an acoustic material that reduces reflections and doubles as a mouse pad. In front, an armrest aids typing and reportedly reduces wrist stress.

A dual (audio/power) cable path separates signals from power leads in an effort to keep hum and other inductive noise to a minimum. Meanwhile, chrome bars with pre-fitted Velcro strips to ease recabling.

Maestro 36 features 36 rack units, divided into three sections of 12U apiece, angled upwards at an incline across the desk to accommodate all the tools essential to the job at hand. An additional 18U of forward-facing rack space, split into three 6U sections, can be installed at floor level. Behind the angled rack units is a flat plane that can hold computer screens as well as near-field monitors sited on optional isolators to avoid sound transmission through the desk itself.

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The smaller Maestro 24 offers 24U for rack gear in two sections of 12U angled at a gentle incline, as well as a padded armrest, dual cable path, low profile, acoustic optimization and integrated mouse pad.

All Maestro desks are constructed from MDF and hand-selected solid wood, but are shipped flat packed for easy transportation. ZAOR Studio Furniture will have the line available to see at Booth 17214 at the 2019 NAMM Show next week in Anaheim, CA.

Maestro 36 and Maestro 24 are available to order in Cherry Black, Silver Black or Black finishes. The list prices are roughly $3,500 for the Maestro 36 and about $2,750 for the Maestro 24

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