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Zaxcom Ships Deva 24 and Mix-16 Systems

A fourth-generation recorder and adjoining control surface are on the agenda for Zaxcom

Pompton Plains, NJ (April 4, 2018)—Zaxcom has shipped the fourth iteration of its Deva hard disc recorder—Deva 24—and Mix-16, a control surface for the unit.

Deva 24 can record 24-track audio and offers various features, including flexible input/output routing, ZaxNet, NeverClip, PowerRoll and MixAhead. Deva 24 provides 16 analog inputs, 12 of which are switchable mic or line level with adjustments for high pass filter, limiter, input delay and 48 V phantom power. Four additional line level inputs can be used as returns. According to the company, its NeverClip preamps provide users with 136 db of dynamic range.

Digitally, 24 inputs channels of AES are available on the unit, 16 support AES42. Deva 24 also accepts a unlocked AES signal with a sampling rate of 32 to 192 kHz. 10 output busses include four XLR, three TA-5M and three 3.5mm connectors. Outputs feature delay settings, level attenuation and assignable output names.

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Audio can be recorded to three media simultaneously. An internal 2.5” SSD (1 TB max capacity) is the primary media, paired with two compact flash (CF) card slots. Files are recorded as MARF II, a lossless recording format, to the internal drive and as Broadcast Wave files (BWF) to the CF cards. An eSATA port provides an external hard drive (SSD or HDD) option that takes the place of a single CF card slot.

Deva 24 has an integrated mixer where 12 rotary faders can be assigned to act as a fader, input trim knob or a ZaxNet control knob. The rotary encoder allows users to adjust the compressor settings, input trim and invert the phase of an input. 8 tracks provide an infinite mix of all Deva 24 inputs, while 16 tracks are dedicated to ISO routing. Any of the 16 analog or 24 digital inputs can be assigned to an ISO track as either pre or post fader.

The Mix-16 control surface is an extension for Deva 24, featuring 16 motorized faders in five banks. Analog or digital input channels on the Deva 24 can be assigned to the Mix-16. Each fader on the Mix-16 has a LED input meter and the control surface is equipped with a pre fader listen (PFL) monitoring system that allows users to listen to channel audio before the fader is closed. It also has the ability to control the ZaxNet remote control function of Deva 24.

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