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Zaxcom ZFR800

Here’s a mic to field the needs of the field.

Fast Facts
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Zaxcom at 973-835-5000 or www.zaxcom.comHere’s a mic to field the needs of the field. Suitable for broadcast and ENG applications, this fault-tolerate battery-operable handheld produces a SMPTE timecode-referenced recording (synchronized by internal RF receiver) that can serve as a backup, which is important for live or live-to-tape applications.

Saved in full-resolution (24-bit, 48-kHz) ZAX file format to a removable 2 GB MiniSD card, these files can easily be imported to a Mac or Windows PC in several formats using provided software. A continuous loop-record mode (that may be instantly marked for later identification) assures no audio is lost.

Additionally, screw-on heads from Shure are accepted to cover all the frequencies.