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Zylia Adds to 3D Audio Portfolio

The Zylia ZR-1 portable recording device and 6DoF VR/AR development kit were unveiled at AES.

Poznan, Poland (October 21, 2019)—At AES New York 2019, Zylia unveiled two additions to its 3D audio recording and production portfolio: the Zylia ZR-1 portable recording device and 6DoF VR/AR development kit.

“In response to user requests and feedback, we are launching a product that enables recording independent of the laptop,” says Tomasz Żernicki, Zylia co-founder and chief technology officer.

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The compact Zylia ZR-1 fits into a standard field recorder bag and requires a USB connection to the Zylia ZM-1 mic system. Equipped with an SDXC memory card (up to 2TB) and powered either by eight AA batteries or an external 5V power source, the device allows users to record more than 220 hours of 19-channel 48 kHz/24-bit PCM audio or around 300 hours of compressed data (Wavepack).

The combination of an integrated stereo mini-jack (3.5 mm) headphone output with built-in player and volume-control functionality enables monitoring and playback directly from the recording device. Users can remotely control the Zylia ZR-1 using the device app on their Bluetooth-paired mobile devices.

“Our 6DoF VR/AR Development Kit gives users full freedom in experimenting with different spatial arrangements of Zylia ZM-1 recording devices,” adds Żernicki. “A complete solution for 6DoF capture, recording, and control, this new offering helps users to streamline and optimize the capture of 3D audio for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.”

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The kit includes nine Zylia ZM-1 microphone arrays and driver; the Zylia 6DoF recording application for recording from multiple ZM-1 microphones; and the Zylia 6DoF control panel, which provides audio gain control and LED control for all connected ZM-1 microphones, plus the Zylia Pro software package.

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