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Zylia Unveils Spatial Sound Mix & Master Service

New mix/master service provided for users of the company’s 360-degree microphone.

Poznan, Poland (August 8, 2019)—Zylia has launched a new mixing and mastering service for users of the company’s Zylia Music system, which includes the ZM-1 360-degree microphone.

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For a time, every customer who purchases a Zylia Music system can submit four songs to the Zylia Mix & Master service, which offers free professional audio mixing and mastering. The new Zylia Mix & Master option within Zylia Studio allows users to export the song to the appropriate format. Once the song is uploaded via a custom link, Zylia’s in-house sound engineers get to work creating and delivering a master.

“The new Zylia Mix & Master service allows musicians to take advantage of the skills and experience of our in-house, 3D audio specialists to achieve a unique spatial sound that fans will love,” said Tomasz Zernicki, Zylia co-founder and chief technology officer. “With our team of 3D audio engineers mixing and mastering recordings on state-of-the-art studio equipment, musicians and bands can bring their sound to a new, binaural level.”

For those musicians who want to mix themselves, Zylia Studio software allows manual adjustment of the mix or will automatically mix a balanced recording with a single click.

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Zylia Music enables musicians to capture the entire 360-degree sound scene via 19 high-quality (48 kHz/24-bit resolution) microphones incorporated into one compact recording device, plugged directly to a laptop. The Zylia ZM-1 microphone and Zylia Studio software included in Zylia Music can autodetect surrounding sound sources and capture them as separate tracks for further individual mixing or automixing. The portable system requires only a USB connection to a Mac, PC or Windows tablet for both data transfer and power supply.