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PAR Session Trial: Microphone Stands with Atlas Sound, Galaxy Audio, König & Meyer (K&M), Ultimate Support and Triad-Orbit — Plus Mini-Reviews with Goby Labs and Vu

Continuing the PAR Session Trial series—comparative gear evaluations—I investigate microphone stands, truly the workhorses of any live music environment. I selected mic stands from five leading manufacturers in common sizes and configurations; a variety to equip a studio or...


Studio Sense: Upgrade With Solid State Drives

With a fresh new year upon us and a crippling recession now in our rear view mirrors, what are audio engineers everywhere looking to do? Raise their rig, eliminate their Achilles’s heels and loosen up the bottlenecks. It’s about...


BAE Expands Ops

N. HOLLYWOOD, CA—British Audio Engineering (BAE) recently expanded its base of operations, relocating to a commercial building in North Hollywood, CA. Once known as Brent Averill Enterprises, BAE is now focused on very faithfully reproducing some of the Class-A...


Global Meets Mobile

The allure of a powerful, portable setup for recording, mixing and even mastering has been the Holy Grail for audio professionals on the go.

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