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Millennia NSEQ-2 Twin Topology Parametric Equalizer

Features: Two-channel Class A vacuum tube, two-channel Class A discrete solid state parametric EQ; selectable via button; four EQ bands per channel; mastering control, balanced input options.

Price: $3,850.

Contact: Millennia at 530-647-0750 www.mil-media.com.

XTA DP 448 Audio Management System

Features: 4-input/8-output programmable processor; gain control; delay; crossover settings; input EQ, 28-band graphic; output EQ; Phase control; 2-stage limiter; AES and analog as standard; LED metering; RS485 control via AudioCore S/W.

Price: $5,795.

Contact: XTA at 516-249-1399, www.xta.co.uk.

Audient BB4 Voice Channel

Features: Complete Black Series voice channel with ADC, up to 192kHz; Discrete class A transformer balanced inputs; Mic Pre featuring HMX harmonic sculpting; 4-band EQ with Overtone, Glo on the LF, plus tilt; optical compressor includes Overcomp, smooth.

Price: $2,900.

Contact: Audient at www.audient.com.

Rane C4 Quad Compressor/Limiter/Dynamic EQ

Features: Four channels fully tweak-able DSP Compression, Dynamic EQ; total control over Attack & Release times, Ratio, Knee and a full time PEQ in the side-chain along with full metering.

Price: $999.

Contact: Rane Corporation at 425-355-6000, www.rane.com.

Ashly Audio Protea 3.24CL Digital Speaker Processor

Features: 3-In, 6-Out; programmable; assignable ins to outs; high-, low-pass filters; gain trim, compressor/limiter; 6-band parametric EQ per input; 4-band parametric EQ per output; low, high shelf filters; input/output delay; reverse polarity; XLR ins/outs; jumping thresholds; input/output LED meters.

Price: $1,035.

Contact: Ashly Audio at 800-828-6308, www.ashly.com.

Yamaha SPX2000 Multi-Effect Processor

Features: 96kHz Audio DSP, with 32-bit internal processing (58-bit accumulator); 24-bit, 128-times oversampling AD/DA converters; 106dB dynamic range; REV-X reverb; five assignable LCD colors, operation lock mode, computer-based editor program; three memory banks.

Price: $1,249.

Contact: Yamaha Commercial Sound at 714-522-9011, www.yamaha.com/livesound or www.yamahaca.com.

Lectrosonics DM1624 DSP Matrix Mixer

Features: 16 mic/line inputs, 24 outputs digital matrix; controllable via RS232, USB; auto-mixing with proportional gain algorithm; six filters, compressor, delay per input; nine filters, limiters, delay per output; digital I/O for expansion on DANI buss; AMX, Crestron compatible.

Price: $4,550.

Contact: Lectrosonics at 505-892-4501, www.lectrosonics.com.

Legendary Audio Masterpiece 2 Analog Mastering System

Features: Lower priced version of Rupert Neve design; Precision Peak, Shelf EQ; Compressors; Tape Texture; Classic; Auxiliary interface; Image, Ambience control; Variable Phase; Multiband Processing.

Price: $14,500.

Contact: Legendary Audio at 512-289-3428, www.legendaryaudio.com.

Sabine NAV4802-MR Navigator System Processor

Features: 4-in, 8-out 96kHz system Processor; Ethernet; Mic Preamp; Wall Panel Remote Ready; no limit on DSP power; EQ; crossovers; FBX Feedback Exterminator; gain management; routing; delay; presets; security; front panel or software control.

Price: $2,259.89.

Contact: Sabine at 386-418-2000, www.sabine.com.

Summit Audio 2BA-221 Microphone Preamp and Line Module

Features: Variable mic input impedance from 100 ohms to 10K ohms; Variable Highpass Filter with bypass; Separate Hi-Z Instrument, Line, Mic Level Inputs; Hi-Z input, Mic input available simultaneously with separate gain controls; Solid State input with high voltage tube output; Insert Jack; Stackable with more 2BA-221s; 1/2 Rack Size; XLR, 1/4-inch outputs and inputs; Phantom power; LED metering.

Price: $695.

Contact: Summit Audio, Inc. at 775-782-8838, www.summitaudio.com.

ART VoiceChannel

Features: Single-channel Tube Preamp, Compressor, De-essoer, noise gate, expander and parametric EQ; analogue and digital outputs: USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, ADAT Optical; selectable Plate Voltage and Variable input impedance; multiple VU, LED meters.

Price: $539.

Contact: ART at 716-297-2920, www.artproaudio.com.

Weiss DS1-MK2 Compressor/De-Esser

Features: Two channels; 24-bit; AES/EBU I/O; 44.1k - 96k sampling rates; M/S mode; auto release; linear phase bandsplit filter; upward expansion; parallel compression; soft knee; additional peak limiter; POW-R dithering.

Price: $8,000.

Contact: Weiss at +41 44 940 20 06, www.weiss.ch.

DAKING FET Compressor II

Features: All discrete transistor circuitry, transformer-balanced inputs/outputs, Class A amplifiers; internal switch facilitates active use of the gain makeup pot for console applications, to fully bypass in line level rig application.

Price: $2,175.

Contact: Daking/TransAmerica Audio Group at 702-365-5155, www.transaudiogroup.com.

Drawmer S3 Three-Band Stereo Ten-Tube-Compressor

Features: Mastering-level tube compressor; “No technical compromise” circuit; control and tonality over each of three bands; gain control at each stage offers precise spectral balancing. Call for pricing.

Contact: Drawmer/TransAmerica Audio Group at 702-365-5155, www.transaudiogroup.com.

API 525 Compressor/Limiter Module

Features: Exact reissue of discrete, ultra-fast feedback-type circuit; “Ceiling” fine-tune function simultaneously modifies threshold, make-up gain for precise changes in compression without changes in output level; built-in De-esser.

Price: $1,195.

Contact: API Audio at 301-776-7879, www.apiaudio.com.

Carvin XD88 Loudspeaker Management System

Features: 30-band graphic EQ for each of eight input channels; 4 parametric EQs, with selectable desired frequency, gain adjustment (± 12 dB cut or boost), slope adjustment over a range of 3 octaves; limiting; delay; ability to define high, low crossover settings with slope selection (Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley) up to 48 dB per octave; Phase In/Out; Gain cut; 30-band RTA (real time analyzer); RS232 input to computers; additional parameters.

Price: $699.99.

Contact: Carvin at 858-487-1600, www.carvin.com.

Klark Teknik DN98948E Loudspeaker Management System

Features: 4-input, 8-output E-Series system; 1RU; 12 delay lines/16 all-pass filters/16 hi & lo pass; 4 comps/8 look-ahead limiters/96 bands PEQ; grouping facility; full matrix mixing between inputs/outputs; ganging of inputs, outputs; I/O parameters copy between one another; all facilities available all the time; Flash memory locations; dual Ethernet ports; AES/EBU digital inputs; full remote control, wired or wireless, via PC and ELGAR and System Controller.

Price: $5,380.

Contact: Klark Teknik at 952-884-4051, www.klarkteknik.com.

Electro-Voice DC-One Digital Loudspeaker Processor

Features: 2-input, 6-output with crossover, EQ, delay, compressor/limiter, professional metering, and full front-panel display. 24-bit sigma-delta AD/DA converters, 32-bit floating-point signal processor; 111dB dynamic range; operation via free PC-Editor software or front panel direct access buttons; user-editable, lockable parameters; 1RU 19-inch chassis; front panel USB connector for PC-Editor; AES-EBU input; 6dB input pad; RS232 for preset changes, or two units to be linked.

Price: $980.

Contact: Electro-Voice at 952-884-4051, www.electrovoice.com.

Dynacord DSP 260 Digital Loudspeaker Processor

Features: 2-input, 6-output with crossover, EQ, delay, compressor/limiter, professional metering, and full front-panel display. 24-bit sigma-delta AD/DA converters, 32-bit floating-point signal processor; 111dB dynamic range; operation via free PC-Editor software or front panel direct access buttons; user-editable, lockable parameters; 1U 19-inch chassis; front panel USB connector for PC-Editor; AES-EBU input; 6dB input pad; RS232 for preset changes, or two units to be linked.

Price: $980.

Contact: Dynacord at 952-884-4051, www.dynacord.com.

A-Designs Audio HM2EQ HAMMER

Features: Analog equalizer; dual mono channels; three sweepable EQ bands per side; even harmonics flow through 12AT Philips vacuum tubes filtering out unwanted noise; bypass, high- and low-cut switches; 2U metal chassis; balanced Neutrik XLR ins; balanced XLR outs.

Price: $2,695.

Contact: A-Designs Audio at 818-716-4153, www.adesignsaudio.com.


Features: Pronounced FREAK, this unit has two ring modulators, two oscillators with external CV inputs working concurrently with the internal variable FM; Frequency Shifting adds and subtracts the oscillator frequency to the frequency of each harmonic component of the music inputs, and outputs them separately; Balanced inputs and outputs.

Price: $1,776.

Contact: DACS/Independent Audio at 207-773-2424, www.independentaudio.com.

Solid State Logic XLogic X-Rack

Features: SSL Mic Amp, VHD Mic Amp, EQ, Dynamics, Four or Eight Channel Input Module, Mix Bus and Total Recall technology in a modular rack; SuperAnalogue circuit; classic Compression; MIDI IN/OUT; Mix Bus Link port; 4U 19-inch rack space.

Price: From $1,685.

Contact: SSL at www.solid-state-logic.com.

Yamaha Q2031B Graphic Equalizer

Features: 31 EQ bands at 1/3 octave intervals from 20Hz to 20kHz; 2-channel versatility, variable high pass filters for each channel; active filters provide minimum phase shift, smooth response at any boost/cut setting; switchable EQ gain of +/- 6dB of +/-12dB; includes balanced 1/4-inch phone jacks and balanced XLR jacks, all rated at +4dB.

Price: $769.

Contact: Yamaha at 714-522-9011, www.yamaha.com/livesound or www.yamahaca.com.

Prism Sound MEA-2 Mastering Equalizer

Features: Stereo or 2-channel, four-band precision analogue EQ; stepped Q/peaking/shelving; frequency, cut/boost (8dB max) controls on each band; per-channel bypass.

Price: $8,255.

Contact: Prism Sound at 973-983-9577, www.prismsound.com.

D.W. Fearn VT-5 Vacuum Tube Stereo Equalizer

Features: One set of controls works dual EQ channels simultaneously; Low/Mid/High Cuts, Low/High Boosts, High Bandwidth Q; uses passive LC circuitry with Class A triode vacuum tube stages for I/O; inputs are line-level, transformer balanced-bridging, with adjustable +/-9dB gain; output uses custom Jensen transformers; all rotary controls stepped; 3RU.

Price: Contact manufacturer.

Contact: D.W. Fearn at 610-793-2526, www.dwfearn.com.

UAD Xpander ExpressCard & DSP Chassis

Features: Noiseless, Fanless, Alumi-cool chassis design; 2.5Gbps ExpressCard34 interface; 44.1 - 192k DSP Audio Accelerator for laptops, same DSP as UAD-1 & UAD-1e, compatible with all Powered Plug-ins; 1 meter cable; carrying case included; optional adapter kits.

Price: $1,199 - $2,599.

Contact: Universal Audio at 877-MY-UAUDIO, www.uaudio.com.

Lexicon PCM96 Stereo Reverb/Processor

Features: 1RU 44.1 - 96kHz digital processor; 28 complex reverb, modulation, delay algorithms; AES/EBU, MIDI, Word Clock, Ethernet, FireWire connectivity; HiQ Net compatibility.

Price: $3,499.

Contact: Lexicon at 801-568-7567, www.lexiconpro.com.