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60 seconds with Sennheiser’s Andy Egerton

Andy Egerton is Sennheiser's artist relations associate in the pro audio division

Andy Egerton

Here, we speak to Andy Egerton, industry veteran and currently Sennheiser’s artist relations associate in the pro audio division.

What first sparked your interest in the industry?

Going to gigs as a teenager. I enjoyed the shows, but never really thought about how it all came together. I remember going to watch Oasis one summer and bought the live DVD Familiar to Millions. The bonus DVD had a behind the scenes interview with the tour manager, monitor engineer and other crew members and I began to look into becoming a sound engineer, which lead me to Glyndwr University in North Wales studying Sound/Studio engineering.

What was your first job?

I worked as a forklift truck driver in a warehouse in Leeds. I was straight out of sixth form and wanted to earn some money to travel. It was a great experience at the time.

What was your last job?

I was a monitor engineer. The last 10 years I worked mainly with The Maccabees, Mumford and Sons and The Wombats. With a young family now, I was looking to stop touring so coming to Sennheiser and still being able to use the skills and knowledge I’ve gained over that time, as well as still working with artists, management and sound engineers is the perfect fit for me.

What is an average day at work for you?

I check the inbox and deal with the most pressing emails as soon as possible. My role is all about relationships, so the emails are either new or existing relationships. I spend a good amount of time on the phone as I like to speak to people. You never know how an email is going to be received or interpreted, so I always like to speak to the person, especially if it’s a new relationship. Some days I will be at a festival, show or visiting clients. These are the best days. Meeting people and talking about Sennheiser equipment and other technologies really helps me have a better understanding of the end users’ needs.

What has been your favourite project?

This summer, it was helping Raph Williams, who mixes FOH for Stormzy, with his Glastonbury show. I was there to witness it and it was a historical Glastonbury headline set. I also offer some support for Ed Sheeran’s tours, which is always nice to be involved with.

How do you balance work and life?

I’m very lucky to be able to work from home so I’m surrounded by my family, although I have an outside office for work mode and I’m still out on the road visiting clients sometimes. It makes a happy balance.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in the industry?

In my role, which is on the pro audio side of Sennheiser, it’s staying on top of our game in product development. Since joining the company this year, what I have noticed most is the ethos of putting audio first and in my role I see the benefits of that when interacting with the end user. We then listen to feedback and take action and it’s clear everyone is focused towards delivering the best products to support live music. Although this is a challenge, it’s what we do and it is very enjoyable to be part of that process, so it’s a good challenge.

What do you like most about the industry?

During my touring days, we were in our tour bubble and some of the characters you meet on tour make for some really fun experiences. Moving into this role, it’s nice to meet other touring parties and see them interacting with each other. I love the live music industry, from the talent on the stage to the crews who make it all happen. Productions are becoming more advanced, I find the technologies and the skills of the crew who put it together incredible and it’s nice to have a window into that world.

Who/what is your inspiration?

My wife and kids. My girls are eight and five, so the questions and comments they come out with at the moment are hilarious. Just seeing them grow and their characters develop is fascinating and a real joy. My wife’s a very talented singer, so watching her shows where she’s doing what she loves and being a great wife and mother inspires me.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I attempt to go to the gym with varying degrees of success. I also enjoy golf and cycling. I love watching sport in general, currently cricket and always football. I’m in a fantasy football league with a few musicians and crew members from various bands I’ve met over the years and we have a WhatsApp group which is very entertaining.