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HK Audio’s Cohedra supports supporters at Euro 2016

The HK Audio system will power a month-long series of events at Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena, culminating in a world record attempt in the beginning of July.

HK Audio is set to power a huge month-long extravaganza of events at Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena this summer, culminating in a world record breaking attempt the weekend of 9-10 July.

Throughout June and the first week of July, a sizeable Cohedra system will provide the sounds for a series of UEFA Euro 2016 public viewing experiences that will be shown on a 550m² screen (the largest in Germany), as well as a number of one-off shows and performances.

The final weekend will see a world record attempt by the world’s largest orchestra – potentially up to 10,000 musicians – at the We’re Filling The Stadium event on Saturday 9 July, followed by a concert featuring some of Germany’s leading artists, while the football tournament’s final will be shown in the stadium on Sunday 10 July.

The main PA is set to be installed at the end of May. The main system comprises hangs of 28 x CDR 208 S and 20 x CDR 208 T line array units with 24 x CDR 210 Fly subs. An additional sub array includes 24 x Contour SL 218 Sub units.

Nicolas Petit, HK Audio’s chief marketing officer comments: “We’re delighted to be soundtracking this remarkable month and a half of events. There will be literally hundreds of thousands of people attending the Commerzbank-Arena over the June and July period, and we’re committed to delivering them an incredible aural experience. With a venue of this size, and such a wide ranging program, it’s a challenge we will certainly relish.”