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Abbey Road Masters: Universal Production Music’s new music catalogue

Universal Production Music and Killer Tracks have partnered with Abbey Road Studios to produce a new production music catalogue, Abbey Road Masters

According to Music Business Worldwide, Universal Production Music and sister company Killer Tracks have joined forces with Abbey Road Studios to present a new production music catalogue, Abbey Road Masters.

Abbey Road Masters will provide original music that has been recorded, mixed and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Albums released so far are titled Indie Soundtrack, Contemporary Score, Alternative Pop Voices, Indie Rock Noir, The Fantasy Orchestra and Cinematic Piano.

Abbey Road Masters has also finished recording material for another six albums based on themes such as vintage synths and string ensembles, remixing live sessions, cinematic indie and intimate acoustic recordings. All of these are to be released this year.

“We are walking in the footsteps of all the great recordings and soundtracks produced at Abbey Road and are committed to the exceptional quality of music that is the standard here,” said Ross Sellwood, who is spearheading the Abbey Road Masters project in his role as managing director of Universal Globe’s Soundtrack & Score division.

Sellwood continued: “We have amazing frontline talent, but we also have a strong A&R commitment to finding and developing new discoveries. We see the potential in next generation artists and give them access to these amazing studios, engineers and players, and it is resulting in remarkable and innovative music for picture.”

President of Universal Publishing Production Music Worldwide commented: “Abbey Road is synonymous with remarkable music. Ross and his team have created an amazing concept and executed it brilliantly. We are thrilled to be working with them on this truly unique musical offering and delivering this extraordinary music to our clients.”

Abbey Road Masters has partnered with several composers, musicians and artists already, including award-winning British film and television composers Michael Price (Sherlock), Rob Lane (John Adams), Samuel Sim (Emma) and Christian Henson (Black Death), alongside British indie stars Andy Bell (Ride/Oasis) and Tom Furse (The Horrors).

To listen in US and Canada, find the Masters here.

Elsewhere in the world, listen here.

Abbey Road Studios have also recently launched the opportunity for rare tours of the inside of the studio from August 8-18 this year. You can find out more here.