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Adamson Systems Engineering Energia Series

Mid-size line array

What is it? A mid-size line array module and a companion sub. Details The e12 joins the existing e15 enclosure in the Energia range to provide a standalone, mid-size line array option which can also be used as a down fill or side fill enclosure within a larger e15 system for large-format touring or regional rental companies. According to Adamson, the e12 delivers extremely high-powered vocal performance for its size and because the e12 and e15 share the same mid and high components, they create a “uniform and seamless ribbon” of mid/high energy when the e12 is used in a downfill configuration. The design incorporates the new ND12S 12″ Kevlar driver with advanced cooling and increased X-max excursion, said to provide uncompromised LF extension within a 12″ line source system. The advanced design of the ND12S driver creates reduced eddy currents and intermodulation distortion. The 12″ cone and dustcap are manufactured entirely from Kevlar to create what is claimed to be the most weather-resistant, low-frequency speaker yet designed. The low weight of the e12 makes it ideal for use in smaller format systems and applications where point load restrictions exist. The companion Energia e218 sub can be flown with an e12 or within a stand-alone array. It employs a manifold design and houses two of Adamson’s new ND18S drivers with dual-spider, voice-coil stabilisation and a silicon coating for long-term suspension memory. And another thing… The e218’s self-contained rigging allows for curved or flat array configurations when flown, but can also be transported three up on a cart.