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Adlib delivers for The Specials UK tour

The company also provided design services, lighting and stages for the legendary band

Adlib recently supplied audio, lighting and design services for legendary ska band The Specials on the UK leg of their latest tour.

Co-ordinating the audio side on the road was Adlib’s systems engineer Kenny Perrin and monitor tech Sam Gallagher, looking after Specials’ engineers Marcos Ferrari (FOH) and Marina Martinez Sebastian on monitors.

Perrin and Ferrari specified an L-Acoustics K2 system together, chosen for its flexibility and light weight.

With a wide selection of venues on the itinerary, flying wasn’t always an option, and when it was, there were often tight weight-loading limits, so a lightweight system that functioned equally well flown or ground-stacked was the key to picking the PA.

The largest configuration used was 10x K2 and 3 x KARA down elements flown each side, or six K2 per side ground-stacked utilising the K2 tilt adjustment screw jacks. These ran in conjunction with 12x L-Acoustics KS28 subs. Where possible, these were arranged in two-high clusters stacked at one-metre intervals across the front of the stage to create a sub arc for the best low-end coverage across the room.

This was complemented with six L-Acoustics KARA speakers, 8 x ARCS II and 4 x X8 for fills. LA12X amplifiers powered the main system.

System processing was delivered via an L-Acoustics’ LA Network Manager 2 with one of Adlib’s standard Lake control rack comprising 2 x LM44s and 2 x LM26s for front-end control.

Ferrari’s FOH desk was a Midas PRO X used in combination with some classic outboard delays and reverbs, including elements from the analogue era, such as a Yamaha SPX2000 digital effects processor, Lexicon PCM91 and 480L reverbs and a Roland Space Echo.

The FOH effects were fed into the console via a Midas DL451 rack and the onstage mic preamps were sent via two Midas DL431s.

With regard to monitors, an array of wedges included 10x Adlib MP4s driven by Lab Gruppen PLM10K amps. A rack of six Sennheiser G3 IEMs handled the brass and keyboard players with an Adlib MP4 sub for the drummer. 

The side fills – two ARCS and a KS28 per side – offered plenty of power, and the monitor console of choice was a DiGiCo SD10.

Adlib director Phil Stoker commented: “It was great to be back working with one of the most legendary bands of their time who are still going strong. We enjoy a great relationship with the Specials’ long-serving TM Mike Darling who trusts us to deliver on all levels for every act that he looks after, which has led to our involvement with some truly stunning live shows.”