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Adlib supplies full production for the 2019 Vitality Netball World Cup

Adlib’s rental departments implemented a fully integrated video, lighting and audio package linking in with broadcast elements for BBC and Sky

Adlib supplied the full technical production to the 2019 Vitality Netball World Cup this year. The event was staged at the 11,000 capacity M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.

Full house

Adlib’s rental departments implemented a fully integrated video, lighting and audio package, linking in with broadcast elements for BBC and Sky. The sports spectacle took place over 10 days, delivering world-class netball to an international TV audience and many thousands packed into the sold-out court-side seats.

In terms of who headed it all, Adlib’s overall project manager was Dave Eldridge. He and his crew worked closely with host broadcasters Televideo and several other contractors to ensure seamless broadcast audio delivery.

Eldridge commented: “It was great to be a supplier to such a high-profile sports event in home territory for us. It was really exciting to break new ground as a full tech service provider for World Cup level sporting events. It’s been a busy summer with festivals, tours and events and this was a great unique challenge in which we were proud to be involved.”

Kenny Perrin and David Grimes looked after the audio for the 11-day event run, joined by Fabrizio Colucci for the Opening Ceremony, with Max Taylor assisting on the two-day load-in and set up.

Audio set up

The company coordinated and designed the audio system, which included multiple flown speaker arrays, together with a control package to cater to various audio sources. A CODA Audio system – made up of ViRAY and AiRAY – was selected. The small physical size of these speakers was ideal as it kept sightlines clear to the central video screens.

The audio set up consisted of seven main hangs in the arena. Two hangs of eight AiRAY at the ‘D’ end of the arena and one six AiRAY hang at the ‘stage’ end. Four further hangs of ViRAY covered the long sides of the arena, with two hangs of nine speakers each side. This system was then zoned so that audio could be played in either half of the arena if needed (to coincide with the two-court setup), and then both halves when the configuration moved to one court.

Four CODA SCV-F subs made up each of the two sub hangs flown centrally in the arena. All the amp racks and distro were installed into the Arena roof to allow maximum ground space for the sports action. The smaller ViRAY speaker is a passive box and only needs a single channel of amplification, therefore reducing the number of amps needed and saving on rig time. FOH control was done on a DiGiCo SD11 console.

Moreover, most of the audio feeds were taken directly from the video. This consisted of strings, music tracks, and recorded announcements. Added to that were Shure Axient handheld mics to look after the live announcements between games.

There was also a solo singer and choir, and this made use of additional Shure RF handheld microphones and Sennheiser IEM systems for their monitoring.