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AES New York convention to explore game audio and XR technology

AES will host its 145th international convention in New York for events dedicated to gaming audio and XR technology

AES will host its international convention at Jacob Javits Centre, New York, from October 17-20, to outline the latest in gaming audio and XR technologies.

The convention will include presentations covering the many aspects of audio production for high-grossing games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Just Cause 4. The convention was arranged by co-chairs Steve Martz, Gavin Kearney, Michael Kelly and Agnieszka Roginska.

Speakers at the convention include game audio engineers and developers, who will discuss audio production and considerations for high-grossing game titles. Additionally, Aaron McLeran of Epic Games will take a look at both previous and next-gen versions of Unreal Engine and discuss the launch of the new audio engine on Fortnite’s six platforms without slowing down audio content production.

“The realm of new and emerging audio applications for interactive gaming and extended reality is one of the fastest growing segments of the audio production industry,” said Steve Martz, game audio and XR track co-chair for AES New York 2018. “Best-selling gaming titles continue to vie for top entertainment platforms amongst consumers, while extended reality applications – from high-end computing to mobile apps and streaming – bring new possibilities and insights to both new and old projects and productions.”

Game audio and XR events will highlight top games and technologies in the industry. In “Just Cause 4: Guns and Music and Mix… oh my!” Avalanche Studios’ Dominic Vega, Jason Kanter, and Ronny Mraz will provide an insight into the music, weapon sound effects and mix of Just Cause 4, including the approach taken for design and implementation of these systems throughout the game’s massive free-roaming environments.

An overview of Dolby Atmos integration in game audio production will be presented by Eidos Montreal’s Rob Bridgett in Shadow of the Tomb Raider: A Dolby Atmos Video Game Mix Case Study.

The presentation A Systemic Approach To Interactive Dialogues On Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, from Speech to SFX to Music, by Lydia Andrew and Greig Newby of Ubisoft, will discuss the complexities of open-world interactive dialogue, while other presentations for game audio will include working with voice-over talent and preparing for recording sessions, which are covered by Blizzard Entertainment’s Andrea Toyias in Anatomy of Great Voice Over: A Casting & Recording Primer.