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UK Music urges feedback on Agent of Change policy to save live music venues

The consultation window ends on Friday March 2

Industry body UK Music has called on people to comment on the Draft London Plan to save live music venues in London from closure. 

The proposed Agent of Change principle means new property built near existing music venues will have to take responsibility to soundproof buildings. 

All comments on the plan must be received by 5pm on Friday 2 March 2018.

The draft Plan reads: “Development should be designed to ensure that established noise-generating venues remain viable and can continue or grow without unreasonable restrictions being placed on them.” 

In recent years, complaints from people living in new residential builds have contributed to the closure of music venues in the UK, including Cardiff’s The Point in 2009 and Brighton venue The Blind Tiger Club in 2014. Under the draft Plan, new music venues built in existing residential areas will also have to assume responsibility for noise.

Policy D12 of the Plan reads: “For a long time, the responsibility for managing and mitigating the impact of noise on neighbouring residents and businesses has been placed on the business or activity making the noise, regardless of how long the noise-generating business or activity has been operating in the area. In many cases, this has led to newly-arrived residents complaining about noise from existing businesses, sometimes forcing the businesses to close down.”You ca

You can share your thoughts online or by post – find all the details on how to comment here.