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Agnieszka Roginska becomes president of AES

"One of my goals in 2020 is to build membership and continue to recognise we are a diverse community"

Agnieszka Roginska

Agnieszka Roginska has officially started her new role as president of the Audio Engineering Society.

Roginska has served the AES as a member and in many other leadership capacities for 20 years, so her graduation to president is no surprise.

Her background in professional audio is also very impressive; she is currently professor of Music Technology and vice-chair of the Music and Performing Arts Professions department at the prestigious New York University. As professor, her role consists of research into the simulation and applications of immersive and 3D audio, including the capture, analysis and synthesis of auditory environments and displays, and applications in augmented acoustic sensing. She has also written numerous publications about the acoustics and psychoacoustics of immersive audio and auditory displays.

Roginska said of her new position: “It is an honour and a privilege to begin my term as president of the AES – the world’s leading society of audio professionals, creative artists, scientists, educators and students. One of my goals in 2020 is to build membership and continue to recognise that we are a diverse community of members – whether you are a student just exploring the world of audio, a young professional entering the workforce and growing in experience, in mid-career maintaining your skills while learning new ones in our rapidly changing industry, or a seasoned professional who wants to give back to the community as a mentor.

“We have already made significant moves forward in increasing the diversity of our AES – welcoming diverse genres and emerging audio fields, improving accessibility, and focusing on the inclusiveness of all genders, races, ages and nationalities. We will continue this great work in 2020, learning from an expanded member base just how diverse our community is as we help each other grow and prosper.”