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AKG DMM6 and DMM12

Auto microphone mixers

What is it? A pair of digital automatic microphone mixers. Details With an intuitive user interface, numerous DSP functions and high signal-to-noise ratio, the DMM series is said to offer the highest quality automatic mixing technology. The DMM12 features 12 inputs, easy mic/line level adjustment plus four line outputs (2x stereo) individually assignable for each input. The DMM6 offers six inputs and two line (stereo) outputs. When in use, all inputs are active but attenuated to a level equal to that of one active microphone. If two or more inputs receive relevant input signals, amplification is increased to produce an output level equal one active microphone, resulting in a feedback-stable system. DMM mixers are designed to continually monitor sonic activity and discriminate between unwanted sounds. Where a signal is picked up over a long period of time, for example, the mixers determine that it may be an air conditioning unit or other unavoidable noise. When a large number of microphones pick up the same signal and all mics are active, the DMM system will recognise applause and not react. When two microphones are receiving the same signal, the mic with the slightly higher level gets priority, while the other one is attenuated. And another thing… Stereo record outputs on both mixers are individually assignable, while the headphone out port allows users to listen to each input and output individually.