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Digital wireless mic system

What is it?A digital wireless system operating on the 2.4GHz ISM license-free frequency band. DetailsSaid to be the first true uncompressed digital wireless system in the industry, the DMS 70 is designed to offer the highest level of audio performance across a range of applications including live sound. It provides bi-directional communication between the transmitter and receiver with dynamic frequency selection offering a degree of ‘intelligent’ operation. The complete DMS 70 package combines AKG’s DSR 70 receiver, DPT 70 digital pocket transmitter and DHT 70 supercardioid handheld transmitter wireless mic. In addition to this, the system includes a DSR 70 rack mount kit, power supply and other accessories. With its easy setup functions, the DMS 70 operates with AES 128-bit encryption, OFDM modulation and digital-controlled antenna diversity said to offer “clear, secure” 2-way wireless communication. The DSR 70 can receive up to four channels of audio, which may be mixed down directly to its balanced XLR output. The DMS 70 offers a number of additional features including an auto power-off function for all transmitters, power-off from the receiver side for all connected transmitters, battery status monitoring plus adjustable mic/guitar input level (DPT 70) and a high/low level gain switch (DHT 70). All DMS 70 devices are available separately and in Vocal Set Dual, Instrumental Set Dual and Vocal/Instrumental Set Dual packages.