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Alcons Audio BC332

High-output cardioid sub

What is it?A self-contained, high-output cardioid subwoofer system for both permanent and portable ground-stacked applications.DetailsThe BC332 is designed to offer an accurate, directivity-controlled, high-output sub-bass response for low-frequency extension (down to 35Hz) of any Alcons pro-ribbon system. Incorporating a front and rear-located driver configuration and dedicated processing, the BC332 features selectable cardioid pattern control said to offer excellent rear rejection (up to 18dB) without the need for additional cabinets. On the front side, an 18” driver is mounted in a front-loaded configuration incorporating X-Venting – a new reflex port design said to maximise the system’s breathing capacity and substantially increase overall output while minimising port compression.On the rear side, a single 15” driver is mounted in a front-loaded configuration with Flank-Venting porting designed to offer optimal reflex-breathing under minimal baffle dimensions and reduce destructive interference. Both the 18” and 15” drivers are long-excursion designs incorporating 4” voice coils with double-spiders and demodulation ring frames. The BC332 is powered and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller designed to optimise response while offering driver protection and hybrid filtering processing. The ALC preset library contains cardioid settings for maximum rear-/side-ward attenuation. And another thing… The BC332 enclosure combines a complex internal panel lay-out with extensive bracing for a rigid structure combined with a relatively low-weight package.