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Alcons Audio supplies rider-friendly system for Colorado jazz festival

Dutch manufacturer Alcons Audio supplied the audio in a ‘difficult’ space at Colorado’s Jazz Aspen Snowmass (JAS) festival this summer.

Alcons LR18 system was used in the 2,050-capacity Benedict Music Tent comprising an open-sided structure with a curved roof made of Teflon-coated fibreglass.

The combination of its design and an ageing PA – designed only for vocal reinforcement – meant the sound quality at amplified shows needed improving, as production company Alchemy’s co-owner John Czechowicz explains: “It’s a unique venue, a symphonic amphitheatre which was never designed to host amplified rock’n’roll type shows.

“The house PA was installed back in 2006 and it has always been inadequate to properly cover the venue. For the past five or six years it has been augmented for amplified shows, but we’ve always been kind of piecemealing a system together,” he continued. This year we wanted something much better.”

The Alcons system comprised nine-per-side L-R hangs of LR18 compact mid-size line-array modules, with three floor-mounted BC543 very high-output cardioid subwoofers per side. Frontfills comprised four LR7 micro line-array modules, arranged as two stacks, each two high, with two RR12 point source array modules per side for outfill.

“I was slightly concerned about rider-friendliness,” John admits. “None of the acts had heard of Alcons and touring engineers tend to like what they like, be wary of what they don’t know and quick to criticize what they don’t like! But there were no issues at all and everyone was very positive about the Alcons rig.”

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