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German provider chooses Alcons Audio loudspeakers for trade shows

German technical service provider Ils Medientechnik (IM) has invested in Alcons Audio’s line array systems.

The Leipzig-based company expanded its portfolio in the spring of 2017 with the larger line array system LR18 from the Dutch manufacturer, having already invested in the smaller LR7 system in 2016.

It has now completed its investment with Alcons Audio’s compact LR7 pro-ribbon line array system.

IM MD Thomas Ils said: ”After five minutes it was clear that the search was over. The Alcons system has a brilliant as well as extremely direct sound and as such, completely matched our idea of perfect sound reproduction.

“We were immediately convinced that with this system, we would be able to realize at least two thirds of our projects in industrial, conference and trade show applications in a perfect quality.

IM invested in 42 Alcons LR7 line-array loudspeakers with BF151 subwoofers in 2016. With six VR8, which are soon to be increased to 12 units, the set-up is now complete.

Ils continued: ”We had been looking for a long time for a sound system that covers everything required by our customers. As a technical service provider, we have a very wide spectrum to look after – from very small to very large events. In addition, all systems should be compatible with each other and have the same excellent quality.”