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Alcons Audio LR18 system makes ‘major difference’ at Norway theatre

Alcons Audio’s pro-ribbon system has made a “major difference” to a live venue in a city in northern Norway.

KulturHuset, a 1,200-capacity theatre in the city of Tromsø, was seeking an upgrade to eradicate a problem with bass reverberation. The existing PA system had been in place for more than 10 years.

“Sound quality was of course one of the most important considerations, and a new system had to deliver equally high quality audio for all the varied types of production that we host,” said KulturHuset stage manager John Bekkelund.

“The difficult acoustic characteristics also meant that we were looking for a system that was at the cutting edge of current technology.”

Bekkelund and his team chose Alcons LR18 compact mid-size line-array, supplied by local installation specialists Lydproduksjon Tromsø AS.

The LR18 three-way line array system is designed for medium to larger applications, featuring a purpose-designed RBN702rs seven-inch pro-ribbon transducer, with a midrange section featuring a high-efficiency 6.5” transducer and a pair of eight inch, extended excursion, reflex-loaded woofers. The 90º (h) x 10º (v) horizontal dispersion is maintained up to the highest frequencies, with non-compressed tonal balance at any SPL.

“While we were looking at different systems, we also noted that in recent years Alcons Audio has appeared on the technical riders for several of Norway’s biggest artists. This was an obvious signal of satisfaction from end users which helped us to make the choice,” Bekkelund added.

“Alcons is at the forefront of technology in professional audio systems. Over the past three years we’ve installed Alcons systems in several different venues and the number of positive comments has been formidable. So we were completely confident that the LR18 was the perfect solution for KulturHuset,” says Lydproduksjon Tromsø’s Torje Helland Graff.

The LR18 system was designed by Arild Johnsen and consists of 16 LR18 with four BF362 MkII high output subwoofers. It also includes three SR9 ultra-compact in-fill monitors as frontfills.

The system is powered by five Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers. Also installed was an Apex Intelli X-48 loudspeaker processor and a BSS London processor for distributing sound to FM induction loops, a ‘listen in’ and other areas.

Once the system had been installed and optimised by Arild, the KulturHuset staff immediately knew that they had made the right choice.

“The coverage, clarity and distinct HF response of the LR18 system is absolutely ideal for the space,” says John Bekkelund. “The system design and the extremely high damping factor of the amplifiers has also solved the old bass frequency reverberation problems.”

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