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Alcons BC543

Cardioid subwoofer

What is it?A high-output cardioid subwoofer. 
DetailsDesigned for ground-stacked applications, the front of the BC543 houses dual 18” long-excursion cardioid woofers, complemented by a 5.3” voice coil with vented triple-spider frame, Neodymium motor structure, carbon fibre cone and dust cap. The rear features a single driver of similar specification. The extreme excursion capabilities of the design is said to increase output by 3.5dB, compared to traditional 18” woofer designs. The cabinet also features front, centrally-located X Venting and a rear Flank Venting port. According to Alcons, these maximise the system’s breathing capacity and increase overall output, while minimising port-compression and facilitating the smallest possible baffle dimensions.

The BC543 is powered and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller. Through the DDP (Digital Drive Processor), the ALC offers BC543-specific drive processing with response optimisation, dedicated power and excursion protection and hybrid filtering. The preset library contains cardioid settings for ‘omni’, ‘cardioid’ and ‘hyper-cardioid’ patterns for maximum rear-/side-ward attenuation. With its SIS (Signal Integrity Sensing) circuit, the cable-length and connector resistance between the BC543 and ALC is completely compensated (damping factor >10.000), for further increased accuracy and controlled cone-travel, resulting in a tighter sub and bass response. The BC543’s complex internal panel lay-out and extensive bracing brings is said to offer a rigid structure with high enclosure stiffness in a relatively low-weight package. It is finished in Durotect scratch-resistant coating and fitted with 12 handles (road-version).