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Allen & Heath releases firmware update for dLive

The update adds multiple new features, including MCA, 12 assignable talkback groups, and a new DEEP processing plugin, the OptTronik

Allen & Heath has released a new firmware update, V1.8, for its flagship dLive mixing system, adding an array of features, from MCAs and talkback groups to a new DEEP processing plugin – the OptTronik.

V1.8 has added Mix Control Association (MCA), bringing DCA groups and spills to monitor engineers and enabling control over multiple AUX/MTX sends via a single fader. This update increases ease of control by introducing A/B/C/D inputs, allowing up to four input sockets to be assigned to every input channel, and providing selection of sockets with SoftKeys. This option is ideal for rapidly switching to a backup microphone or to pre-recorded files on a playback system.

The addition of 12 assignable talkback groups, which can be populated with any combination of the available mix busses, simplifies talkback routing with SoftKey controls. This allows engineers to quickly switch between different talkback destinations such as musicians, technicians or other production staff.

Joining dLive’s acclaimed suite of DEEP processors, V1.8 sees the introduction of the ‘OptTronik’ compressor. Inspired by a tube-driven, electro-optical levelling amplifier, OptTronik’s smooth, musical compression makes it ideal for many sources, including vocals and bass guitar.

V1.8 also brings other new features and improvements to the system, such as Undo Scene Store, Mix to PAFL and Solo in Place (SIP).

Mike Bangs, live sound/touring manager at Allen & Heath USA and a monitor engineer himself, commented: “V1.8 is the next step in our string of user-driven updates, as we continue expanding and adapting the platform to the needs of modern engineers. I’m particularly excited about the addition of MCAs, which supply the power of DCA functionality to monitor mixers. Such a cool feature and engineers are going to love it.”

Ben Morgan, Allen & Heath’s dLive product manager, added: “We’re really excited to launch dLive V1.8. This update brings powerful new features all round that are valuable to all types of engineers, whether you’re FOH or monitors, in touring sound, houses of worship, or installations.”

dLive V1.8 can be downloaded through Allen & Heath’s website