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Alto Stagedrive+

Speaker management system

What is it?A 1U rack-mountable speaker management system for 3-way stereo, 3, 4, 5, or 6-way mono crossover and distributed systems with six outputs. DetailsStagedrive+ is designed for speaker management across multiple gigs and venues – or for use with bands. It can be controlled via a PC or MIDI remote control and comes with 10 factory presets and the ability to store up to 64 user presets internally or 128 presets on a memory card. The system is said to provide accurate monitoring of each channel thanks to the use of individual LEDs and a backlit LCD screen. According to Alto, control is very straightforward – even in darkly-lit venues – thanks to high-contrast buttons and a ‘dimpled’ value/entry knob. Bessel, Butterworth and Linkwitz/Riley crossover filters deliver up to 48dB per octave filtering. Each monitoring channel includes a noise gate at the input stage and limiter for the output. A generous delay per channel is designed to offer precise time alignment for virtually any venue, and each input and output is equipped with parametric EQ so each speaker can be managed effectively from a single place.