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An important message from PSNEurope

Dear friends, readers, and supporters of PSNEurope

We are in uncharted waters. Rarely before have we seen such a paradigm shift in our societal and economic environments, and rarely in our lifetimes have businesses been faced with the acute operating challenges they are presented with today. 

PSNEurope’s own fortunes have ebbed and flowed in tandem with that of the pro audio marketplace, and through times of feast and famine it has served professionals in our community with a deep sense of honour and duty. However, the economic climate brought on by the global pandemic has exacerbated already challenging operating conditions for the PSNEurope brand, and indeed its ability to continue trading. 

To that end, it is with a profound sense of sadness that we announce the closure of PSNEurope in all its forms. The closure will take effect immediately. Pro Sound News in the US is not affected by this move and will continue to publish.

As valued members of the pro audio community and supporters of PSNEurope, we wanted to make sure that you continue to enjoy access to our exclusive, market leading content, and we are making preparations for this to be distributed among our peer titles at Future. 

Shortly, you will be able to access legacy PSNEurope content on our North American Pro Sound Network, the home of our sister title Pro Sound News. All of our newsletter subscribers will automatically receive a complimentary subscription to the Pro Sound News newsletter; if you’re not a subscriber you can register to receive regular information from Pro Sound News via newsletters and print/digital editions.

In addition, PSNEurope Editor Daniel Gumble will be moving over to take the reins as Editor of our sister title in the audiovisual market, Installation. Here, we will be ramping up our installed audio coverage to take advantage of the significant crossover of technologies, businesses, and personalities between the pro audio and AV communities. 

We’d like to encourage you to sign up to our Installation newsletters and digital editions to make sure you continue to receive the very latest and very best audio-based AV features, information, and news. 

We’d like to thank each and every one of you, and the wider pro audio community, for your loyalty and support down the years. Decisions such as this are not lightly arrived at, especially with brands that have such a rich heritage and personality. It’s heartbreaking to be communicating with you in this way, but rest assured that we are deploying our resources far and wide to ensure that we continue to provide you with coverage of this wonderful marketplace. 

We wish you the best of luck in your ongoing professional and personal adventures, and we thank you again for your long-term support for which we will always be indebted to you. 

Kind regards

James McKeown and Dan Gumble, on behalf of PSNEurope