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Aphex 500 Series

Processor modules

What is it? A range of six portable processing units. Details Five new models – the J PRE 500 mic pre, EQF 500 parametric equaliser, DUAL RPA 500 mic pre, A PRE 500 mic pre and COMP 500 optical compressor – join the existing EX•BB 500 Aural Exciter/Big Bottom module in the 500 Series. The J PRE 500 mic pre was inspired by the flagship Aphex 1788A remote-controlled preamp using the same Jensen JT11K8 nickel input transformer and Aphex’s ‘Mic Limiter’ technology together with a Jensen JT-11DL nickel output-balancing transformer. The EQF 500 is described as a modern take on the classic Aphex EQF-2 500 series three-band equaliser with a Jensen output balancing transformer and 25Hz – 20kHz operation. The DUAL RPA 500 mic pre is a two-channel, solid state/tube hybrid preamp offering built-in ‘Mic Limiter’ technology, a fast transient response plus ‘warmth and punch’ from the tube back-end stage. The A PRE 500 mic pre takes its designed cues from the Aphex 188 8-channel preamp whilst incorporating a custom-designed CineMag input transformer and a Jensen JT-11DL nickel output balancing transformer. The COMP 50 optical compressor also features a Jensen output transformer together with an electronically-balanced input and an optocoupler designed to operate as fast as possible. And another thing… The existing 500 Series module – the EX•BB 500 – is a mono version of the Aphex Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom processors.