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API launches new analogue recording console at AES

US-brand API introduced a new analogue recording console at the AES 2018 event taking place in New York

API unveiled the new 2448 analogue recording console at AES’s 145th international pro audio convention yesterday, which is currently taking place from October 17-20, 2018, in New York.

Larry Droppa, API’s president, displayed the 2448 recording and mixing console at the API booth yesterday for the first time. 

The console is intended to be a middle ground between API’s 1608 and the AXS consoles. The 2448 is available in 24, 32 and 40 channel frame sizes, and also includes 24 channels for multitrack recording and 56 channels for mixing.

The console features dual inputs on each channel, four stereo returns and a new cross-platform Final Touch fader automation system.

The model has already sold eight desks prior to the show, with the first going to producer and engineer Dave Trumfio of Kingsize Soundlabs and Pulsars. He is expected to use the 32-channel desk at the newly constructed facility at the Gold-Diggers club and hotel in Los Angeles.