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Arista Corporation launches dedicated pro AV website

Arista reported that it is making a concerted effort in the professional audio sector

Arista Corporation has unveiled a new website dedicated specifically to the AV market, in order to better address it and reflect the company’s commitment to it.

Arista reported that it is making a concerted effort in the professional audio arena. In the Dante area of the website, integrators and audio technicians will find products that capitalise on the Dante uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over Ethernet format. This includes the Apollo Duo, Duo+, and Apollo Myriad product lines.

Additionally, the Computers product area includes the company’s recently announced Stealth Silent Audio Workstation and related products.

“The new Arista Pro AV website makes it much easier for audio professionals, AV technicians, and related professionals to identify a specific type of product and learn about its various features and capabilities,” said Paul Shu, president of Arista Corporation.

“As we moved further and further into this area of the market, we identified the necessity of helping the AV community locate the ‘right tool for their project’ and I believe this new website is a significant step forward in that area,” he continued. “Our goal is two-fold: to expand our presence in this market segment while at the same time helping AV pros identify the best solution for their requirements.”

The new website is: