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Arturia announces FX Collection of plugins

This includes a mix of vintage and modern effects

Arturia has launched the FX Collection, a new bundle of software effects that brings together the 15 plugins from the brand’s “You’ll Actually Use” series.

The plugins feature circuit-accurate modelling; the classics have been recreated with True Analog Emulation and Physical Modeling Technology. There are also new features, including look-ahead tracking, envelope followers, side-chaining, pre-post EQ and in-app tutorials.

Arturia is running a special intro offer for the launch of its new FX Collection. The offer will be available from February 12 to March 4, 2020. The FX Collection will be available for the price of $299/299€ (instead of $399/399€) during this time.

Customers who already own Arturia software or hardware are eligible for discounts and crossgrades, starting from $49.

Inside the collection is three reverb effects:

  • ‘Rev PLATE-140’: A vintage studio reverb which is a recreation of EMT’s titanic plate reverb that is ideal for vocals
  • ‘Rev Spring-636’: A snappy physical reverb that is an ideal dub combo
  • ‘Rev INTENSITY: A futuristic digital reverb with unlimited modulation capabilities

As for delays:

  • ‘Delay TAPE-201’: A saturated analogue echo
  • ‘Delay MEMORY BRIGADE’: Filtered analogue BBD lo-fi echo
  • ‘Delay ETERNITY’: Has integrated effects and a variety of sounds.


  • ‘Pre 1973’: The vintage sound of the world’s best studios providing the sound of the ’70s
  • ‘Pre TridA’: A rate and exclusive channel strip
  • ‘Pre V76’: The sound of ’60s pop music


  • ‘Comp VCA-65’: A rhythm section compressor with modern oomph
  • ‘Comp FET-75’: A classic studio sound
  • ‘Comp TUBE-STA’: A reimagining of the vacuum-tube powered Gates STA-level from the ’50s


  • ‘Filter MINI’: Plugin recreation of Dr Moog’s 24dB per octave low-pass ladder filter
  • ‘Filter M12’: Analogue polysynth filter reworked
  • ‘Filter SEM’: Tom Oberheim’s pioneering design; one of the first self-contained analogue filters