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Audient and two notes to launch new audio interface Sono in early 2019

This new audio interface is aimed towards guitarists and will be released for sale in the first quarter of 2019

British audio company, Audient, has collaborated with cab simulation developer, two notes audio engineering, to present Sono, a new audio interface for guitarists.

Sono features an on board 12AX7 analogue valve and three-band tone control alongside two notes torpedo power amp modelling and cab simulation. It provides a multitude of tonal options for guitarists, applicable to recording, practising or gigging.

“With two notes, the creative possibilities are endless and you can really start dialling in the tones you hear in your head,” said marketing manager Andy Allen. “You can choose from a wide range of guitar and bass cab models based on classics, such as the Marshall 4×12, Fender 2×12 or Ampeg Fridge, with more tones downloadable from the torpedo remote. You can also customise the room type, microphone model and placement, and once you’re happy with your sound, you can store your favourite presets on board Sono and play them in standalone mode, without the need for a computer.”

The monitor mix enables users to blend between the guitar input signal and DAW playback, which ensures delay-free recording, playback and monitoring.

Allen continued: “Plug your favourite distortion, reverb and delay pedals directly into Sono’s D.I, dial up a tone and instantly start recording or jamming without the need to mic up and play through a noisy amp. If you do want to record in the more traditional sense, Sono will always record a clean D.I signal, so you can capture your performances as creativity strikes and re-amp through your favourite hardware amps later without the need to buy a dedicated re-amp box.”

Two notes owner, Guillaume Pille, commented: “Audient interfaces have long been in our list of benchmark products used to try out our plugins and hardware units. Today, the whole two notes team is very excited to present what we think is the perfect interface, not only for the guitarist and bassist, but also for any musician who wants to bring colour into his recordings.”

Alongside its more guitar-centric features, Sono has two Audient console mic pres, expandability up to ten inputs via ADAT for recording drums and its ‘to valve’ feature.

“Sono is all about developing creativity and providing an easy-to-use gateway into the world of professional audio recording. It really is a fun tool for guitarists and engineers alike. With Sono anything is possible,” Allen added.