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Audinate Dante Ultimo

Dante network interface

What is it? A fully-featured, ready-to-use Dante interface for networked audio products. Details Integrated into a single 13mm x 13mm chip, Ultimo is said to accelerate the migration from analogue to digital signal distribution. According to Audinate, it offers an integrated, cost-effective networked audio solution over a 100Mbps Ethernet interface. The system includes well-established Dante features like automatic device discovery, plug-and-play networking, network-based firmware updates and customisation of device names and channel labels. Ultimo’s 2in+2out, 100Mbps Ethernet interface is suitable for a wide range of audio I/O devices, offering high-performance media networking, low latency and “tightly synchronised” transport of uncompressed audio over IP networks. IA simple I2S audio interface allows direct connection to a wide variety of ADC, DAC, DSP and amplifier chips, while the wide selection of control interfaces – including SPI, UART and GPIO – provide products with networked control. The design also offers low-jitter audio clock synthesis with ±1μs time alignment between networked devices. And another thing… Applications targeted for Ultimo include powered speakers, microphones, speakerphones, amplifiers, paging stations, personal monitoring systems, AV wall plates, recording interfaces, analogue/digital break-in/break out and musical instruments.