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Audio Architect Apparel arrives!

Sound engineer and educator turned fashionista!

Dave Swallow introduces his new line in techie t-shirts.

Imagine a world without the guitar. Exactly! Not worth living. Who on earth wants to live in a world without Townsend or Hendrix, and frankly if you find one, ask them to leave. Via the back door. Saves embarrassment.

Conception of this whole scheme came just after I noticed the vacant look on the glassy-eyed, nodding head of the man standing in front of me. As it is with these trade show motifs, I seem to be targeted by gangs of like-minded loonies who want to talk shop. So there I was, midway through an answer about internal distortion of a speaker cone when I noticed something quite peculiar in the ordinary; a throng of agreeing heads and barely a clue between them. That’s when the noggin started throbbing…

Most of my musical memories have been made from many years spent travelling the globe contributing to concerts, getting lost, waiting around, reading a great book… recently I’ve spent a lot of time teaching. There are certain things about guiding a student’s mind that swells the old ticker in the emotion department and one of them is when they come back after you’ve left them a lingering question from the session before. A lingering question is posed usually at the end of the class which is designed keep a student thinking, but between breaths that’s usually difficult.

The internal monologue piped up, ‘This would make a great t-shirt!’ I’m not sure if it was a question or a statement but I kind of liked the idea that we could talk about some insanely geeky stuff without uttering a word just using great design.

Since that point the idea has grown and taken a different slant but the original premise is still the same; create interesting designs that will ask questions but are designed to hide geekiness in plain view.

Have you ever watched that film Carry On Sound Engineering? No, neither have I but if I had I’d place a wager that the protagonist had a t-shirt with words alluding to knob touching or having some sort of firm bottom-end. Rest assured dear reader, my aim is not to dress the audio world in side-splitting humour, but to craft our collective geekiness and love of technology into something subtle and cool.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you you: Audio Architect Apparel. A tribute to the technology behind the music. It’s the ideas that sparked cultural change and the people that made it happen. It is a celebration of our music and our journeys to get there. It revels in ideas, people and the generation changing sounds that are the foundation to our way of life.

Audio Architect Apparel is about the soundtrack to our lives. It’s about sharing a beer, or a 1945 Marques de Riscal Gran Reserva, waiting for the plane. It’s about selecting the right track at the right time. It’s about in-jokes that only you and your closest mates get. It’s about spontaneity and experiencing something new, to you at least. It’s an experience that’s covered in mud, sweat and cheers.

It is the elegance in hard work and the calm under pressure. It’s the beauty in design and belongs to the ideas hidden in plain view. It’s the dreams and the journeys, the late night laughs and the bloodshot, early-morning ones too that switch life into vibrant stereo. It’s a way of life that appreciates the class in science and technology.

Music is the cultural glue that binds our world together. It’s a melting pot of ideas, a cultural exchange and a broadening of horizons. It’s a connection, a shared experience that we are all part of, the listener, the creator and the producer. There are lots of theories about why we like music but there is one inescapable truth; we are human and we like our music loud and proud.

Sound design that will amplify your image… See what I did there…