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Audio Distribution Group reveals strategy for success

Ex-TC Group trio have bold plans for expansion

Based in Denmark, newly-formed outfit Audio Distribution Group (ADG) has outlined its simple approach for working in Europe.

“The only way for real growth in a single market is to have a ‘harmonised trade pricing policy’ across EU territories,” said Bruce Davidson, former TC Group international partner marketing manager, now ADG chief operations officer. “Although localisation is important, promotions and marketing will benefit from being pan-European too.”

Davidson has co-founded ADG with CEO Steve Russell (previously TC’s VP of international sales) and chairman Peter Bager (former CEO of TC Group International). The company HQ is in Risskov, Aarhus, Denmark (yes –where TC Electronic was formed).

ADG’s start-up portfolio comprises two brands: Dynaudio Pro, no longer distributed by TC following the takeover of the Lab.gruppen/Tannoy/TC Electronic parent by Uli Behringer’s Music Group; and Aston Microphones, a nascent UK-made product line created by former sE Electronics partners and James Young and Phil Smith.

Davidson continued: “Previously, brands have had the option of either developing their own distribution model as a part of their business or choosing a mix of distributors who either covered one or a standard mix of countries. We offer our brands an effective, efficient and reliable route to market in the EU and will therefore seek to provide additional value to the standard distribution model, building strategic partnerships with all our associated brands, professionals, artists and key retailers across Europe.

“We believe there can be significant benefits for brands that have pan-European distribution and those that choose this model are ones we feel that will be most likely to succeed,” he added.

James Young, managing director for Aston Microphones, gushed: “Quite honestly, if I had written a wish list of attributes for a European distribution partner, [Bruce, Steve and their team at ADG] would have ticked every box and started adding ones I hadn’t even thought of.”

Davidson noted: “This is just level one. We expect to grow fast in 2016.”

Photo: (L–R) Davidson, Russell, Bager