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Audio suppliers react to Manchester tragedy

Production names associated with the Ariana Grande tour express their sympathies for the killed and injured

Following the horrific events at the Manchester Arena on Monday evening, key suppliers for the Ariana Grande tour have added their voices to the outpourings of shock and sympathy at the tragedy.

“This will probably be the first and last time that I agree with the words of Donald Trump. [The perpetrator] was a loser who cruelly picked the softest of targets. To call him a monster would be to give him too much credit,” Britannia Row/Clair Global’s Bryan Grant told PSNEurope on Tuesday afternoon.

President Trump called the bombers “evil losers” in a tweet on earlier this week.

Clair/Brit Row is supplying equipment for the tour.

“There’s really nothing else to say other than to be grateful that all our crew are safe and to hope that the media don’t mention the name of this twisted maniac nor that of any organisation to which he might be part. Also that those who control the social media close down as many sites as possible that might be linked to him. Publicity is these people’s oxygen and they need to be starved of it wherever possible; without it their cause will wither and die.”

(The police did name a suspect, in fact, just after Grant wrote to PSNEurope.)

“As for the effect this action will have on the concert business, I can only assume that parents of young children will think long and hard before exposing them to what is now a real risk,” said Grant.

Andy Lenthall of industry trade association Production Services Association confirmed that no production crew were injured in the bombing, as the device appears to have been detonated in the foyer of the venue at around 10.30pm as the audience left the concert.

At the time of writing, police reports confirmed that 22 fans died in the attack, while 59 were injured.

DiGiCo, who had just embarked on a publicity campaign around the US leg of the young popstar’s tour, quickly amended their website messaging following the attack to read: “Our thoughts and hearts are with all those both attending and working on the show last night. Such an unimaginable act on innocent and hardworking people.”

Picture: Toby Francis mixed in North America (pic courtesy DiGiCo)