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The Audio Visual Co invests in L-Acoustics A series

“My initial decision to invest in L-Acoustics has helped us to grow,” said company director Jimmy Bandal

Jimmy Bandal, director of The Audio Visual Co. Photo by Dara Munnis. Instagram: @daramunnis

The Audio Visual Co, an audio-visual and event production specialist company based in Moorebank, near Sydney, Australia, recently invested in L-Acoustics’ A Series.

The company was established three years ago, and from the outset, the company’s director, Jimmy Bandal, made L-Acoustics his loudspeaker brand of choice.

“Our main applications are corporate events such as galas, awards nights and product launches, as well as broadcast and concert touring,” said Bandal. “Although we only started a couple of years ago, the company is growing rapidly.

“At the outset, L-Acoustics captured my attention as I found the sound signature of the cabinets very pleasing, their response is linear, and they are extremely user-friendly. As well as the company’s first-class loudspeakers, I’ve found that both L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D acoustical modelling software and LA Network Manager are very helpful in allowing me to accurately and simply predict my venue designs.”

The company’s initial investment in L-Acoustics was a small number of X12 and SB18 subs along with an LA4X amplified controller, and with the business growing Bandal felt it was time to increase its inventory. L-Acoustics certified provider and distributor, Jands helped Bandal add the A10, A15 and KS21, as well as Kiva II medium throw line array, and Syva colinear source to Audio Visual Co’s stock.

“Gerry Gavros from Jands and I met several times to go over my requirements and determine what would suit us best before I made a final decision,” Bandal recalled. “His assistance has been very helpful. It was A15 that really caught my attention, I was very impressed. They sound incredible along with the new KS21 subs. The A15 and the A10 was what I needed to invest in to fill in the gaps; the versatility and power just works for the type of events I take on.

“The feature that has really helped me do things I couldn’t do before is the flexible coverage (Panflex). Adjusting the Panflex has helped me minimise reflections in challenging rooms. Another feature I like is the flush-fitting rigging system. This will save me so much time as it can be rigged in minutes. Meeting deadlines in the corporate events market can be tough at times, so this new feature is a lifesaver.”

Sound engineer Roly Elias confirmed the positive reaction the new speakers have been receiving: “I have been hiring L-Acoustics gear from The Audio Visual Co for most of my events for a few years now, and Jimmy has never let me down when it comes to choosing the right PA,” he said. “I really like the fact all L-Acoustics cabinets have a similar character when it comes to the sound. The balance across the entire spectrum is truly amazing and I always have something to look forward to when I know L-Acoustics is being used on my events.”

Bandal expects the company to use the A series more often on live events as well as for his corporate clients. He also suggested that his investment in L-Acoustics is nowhere near finished.

“My initial decision to invest in L-Acoustics has helped us to grow,” he concluded. “The beauty of the A series is its scalability, and that means the system can grow along with the company.”