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Audiologic managing director Andy Lewis celebrates the company’s 15th anniversary

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Audiologic’s managing director Andy Lewis speaks to PSNEurope about the company’s impressive expansion over the years and what’s in store for the future of the brand in an ever-changing industry

‘We have a really effective ‘team’ structure’: Andy Lewis

Audiologic is a well-established distributor of pro audio and commercial sound products, now coming into its 15th year. After becoming QSC’s industry market partner and establishing distribution partnerships with a plethora of high-end pro audio brands, including Shure, Sennheiser, QSC, Nexo, Attero Tech, Yamaha, and many more, things are certainly on the up and up for Audiologic. Andy Lewis, who joined the company in 2013, has also enjoyed an upward ride, being promoted from sales and marketing manager, to sales and marketing director, to managing director in April this year. Here, he discusses how Audiologic has significantly increased its turnover through the years, greatly expanding its team and reach, and what he forsees for its future…

What is the impetus behind Audiologic’s success in the market over the past 15 years?

Having a unique approach both to our supplier and customer relationships. We like to offer plenty of value both up and downstream, which gives both ends of the supply chain and those who need that value real, tangible reasons to work with us.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the pro audio market?

The shift towards IT being such an important part of the technology. Just about everything sits on a network now, and that has strategic implications to it in so many ways.

What do you forsee as your biggest growth opportunities for the future?

One of the largest areas of growth for us is in the services we offer. Obviously, there are specific vertical markets and, of course, brands that we know will be opportunities and will lend themselves to our company’s strengths more than others. We throw plenty of resources at those, but the response we’ve had to the services has pointed us in a particular direction.

Are there any new areas of the market, or new markets, Audiologic is planning on expanding into?

Becoming the QSC industry market partner has brought with it a real push into the corporate sector. We were active in that sector before, but this has taken that involvement to a whole new level. Hospitality is a sector that we employed a sector specialist for a few years ago, but with the QSC Business Music Systems, that has given us even more impetus into that sector too.

What has been Audiologic’s most exciting product to date?

Whilst being as brand-agnostic as we can be, owing to our mixed model of distribution, there is no doubt the Shure MXA910 has been a stand-out product, and the QSC industry market partner appointment has been a turning-point in Audiologic’s recent development.

There have been quite a few recruits recently and you were promoted to managing director in April this year. How are you expanding your employee base to build on business growth? How have your responsibilities changed?

Over the years, we have worked on a model that offers the right level of support and knowledge to our customer base. The model we have now seems to work (and is constantly being tweaked) so now it’s just a matter of scaling that model. We have a really effective ‘team’ structure with what might be considered a mildly confusing mix of sector and geographical specialisation, so growing these teams along with a healthy ‘nod’ towards recruiting graduates into our industry seems to be working really well. In terms of my responsibilities changing, well, Audiologic was a team of five people when I joined as a sales and marketing manager back in January 2013, and I now oversee a team of people who work together well enough for me to comfortably take a month of paternity leave to welcome my new son into the world. My role, along with the two owners, is now more one of tweaking the direction we point in, the brands we incorporate into our customers’ solutions and, finally, delivering the facilities and the environment for people who work at Audiologic to do a job they hopefully enjoy to the best of their ability with no barriers in the way.

How has it been for you to grow with the company since 2013? Have you experienced major progression since then?

Joining a company of five people from my previous work history at major industry manufacturers took some adapting, I won’t lie. It was strange in the beginning to have loads of ideas to bring to the table and then for there to be no marketing or IT teams to start delivering those ideas. If something needed doing, you just got on with it and did it yourself, which was strangely liberating. I was personally studying towards an MBA at Warwick Business School when I joined, and I hope that plenty of that theoretical work combined with the larger corporation structural experience helped a little towards our current position.I’m now studying Law at Nottingham Trent, not with a view to working in law, but more to putting some context to the stacks of contracts we have to deal with every day, and also navigating the ever-changing and critically important world of corporate and employment law. Things have changed significantly for me in the last six years.

Are there any special plans for the anniversary?

I think Kamil Hamidou, our marketing coordinator is working on something in conjunction with our PR Agency, Sound Marketing.