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Audionics DA210D

What is it?A digital distribution amplifier offering multiple operating modes, built-in sample-rate control and analogue output for monitoring. DetailsThe DA210D is an AES/EBU digital distribution amplifier matrix housed in a 1U, 19″, rackmount case with integral mains power supply. The unit offers multiple operating configurations to enable sample-rate conversions and re-framing to an external reference signal and provides a convenient analogue audio monitoring output. An internal switch is used to set the DA210D to one of five modes… Mode 1: 1 in/10 out distribution amplifier – input re-clocked for jitter attenuation. Mode 2: As mode 1, but dual 1 in/5 out. Mode 3: 1 in/10 out – input is sample rate converted and frame sync’d to reference signal applied to input 2. Mode 4: As mode 3, but dual 1 in/5 out – with the first input sample rate converted and frame sync’d to second input. Mode 5: 1 in/10 out sample rate convertor and distribution amplifier. The input on the DA210D is sample rate converted to provide ten outputs at either 48kHz, 44.1kHz or 32kHz from an internal generator. Two transformer-balanced, rear-panel XLR inputs with selectable 110/75 ohm input termination are included. Inputs 1 and 2 can be directly connected to outputs 2 and 10 (respectively), for loop-through operation, and SPDIF signals can also be wired unbalanced to the inputs. The ten transformer-balanced, rear-panel XLR outputs offer 110 ohm impedance.