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Auro Technologies’ immersive audio format debuts on VR game Sparc

Immersive audio company Auro Technologies has delved into VR gaming with the release of Sparc on Playstation VR, developed by CCP Games.

Sparc is a original sport where players’ VR hardware serves as their equipment, enabling them to express and improve their skills through physical actions.

From an audio perspective, Auro-3D creates an immersive sound experience through speakers and headphones – allowing players to feel like they are part of the gaming environment by capturing the sense of sound originating from both above and all around the player.

“In Sparc, identifying the location, speed, and heading of multiple projectiles in virtual space is absolutely critical,” said Morgan Godat, Sparc’s executive producer at CCP Games. “Auro-3D gelled well with our workflow and enabled the kind of 3D spatialised audio that Sparc needs, allowing players to hear the world all around them so they know exactly where the action is happening.”

Auro-3D translates real-time audio mix from Wwise, a feature-rich interactive audio programme for gaming, into an audio experience replicating the way humans receive and interpret audio in the real world. The Auro-3D concept achieves this by capturing the sense of sound originating from both above and around the listener.

“Sparc, with its high-energy gameplay and fast moving objects, is ideal for the ultimate experience of immersive audio in Auro-3D,” said Iwan De Kuijper, Director Creative Entertainment at Auro Technologies.

“It showcases the strength of our product through its incorporation into the Wwise pipeline for video games and VR productions, while giving the players a truly captivating audible emotional experience,” he added.

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