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Bartlett Microphones Guitar Mic Pro B

Acoustic guitar mic'ing system

What is it?A miniature transducer for acoustic guitars designed for sound reinforcement applications. DetailsSupplied with a detachable cable, the battery-powered Guitar Mic Pro B is designed to fit within the body of the guitar – just inside the sound hole – using a (supplied) Velcro pad. A 9V battery holder is positioned close by (also by means of a Velcro pad) and a jack connection socket is fitted into a hole drilled close to the strap fastener at the base of the guitar. The condenser pickup capsule is said to offer a sharp transient response, good isolation from vocals and high output volume before the onset of feedback. Bartlett has overcome the usual tendency of mic’s mounted inside acoustic guitar bodies to produce a ‘boomy’ sound by tailoring the lower frequency response of the Pro B to compensate. The Guitar Mic Pro B boasts a 620-hour battery life from a standard PP3 cell: a switch associated with the output jack cuts power to the unit when the plug is disconnected, helping preserve battery life.