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Barton, Meyerson, Lurssen power trio tackle Titanfall soundtrack with ATC

The video game OST was composed, mixed and mastered on an all-ATC monitor setup

The original soundtrack to the video game Titanfall, the hit first-person shooter by Call of Duty developers Jason West and Vince Zampella’s Respawn Entertainment, was composed, mixed and mastered using a range of ATC reference monitors.

The game soundtrack was a collaboration between Stephen Barton, an award-winning film and game composer responsible for The Chronicles of Narnia, the Shrek films and the Metal Gear Solid franchise; scoring engineer and mixer Alan Meyerson, most famous for his work on Hans Zimmer’s film music; and Gavin Lurssen, chief mastering engineer at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood, California, whose credits include albums by the Foo Fighters, Elton John, The Who and Billie Holiday and the soundtracks to Game of Thrones, Pacific Rim, Up and Children of Men.

“The ATCs are nothing short of phenomenal,” comments Barton (pictured, below right, at Lurssen Mastering with Lurssen [L] and Meyerson [R]), who uses a pair of ATC SCM50ASL Pro three-way active monitors. “There’s nothing out there that equals them to my mind in terms of clarity, lack of fatigue over long-term listening and truthfulness, [the latter of] which is the most important quality of any studio monitor. I’ve been using them for nearly seven years now, so when I started working out of Lurssen Mastering a few years ago, the fact that Gavin Lurssen was using the bigger brothers to those in my setup was actually a big influence, and a great indication that we were like-minded in our listening approach.”

The Lurssen Mastering setup includes the ATC SCM150ASL Pro three-way active and smaller ATC SCM25A Pro three-way compact active monitors. “The way that I ended up with ATC was that I was working at another mastering facility and a client came in with a pair of ATCs so they could complete a project,” he explains. “Within seconds of hearing them I knew that something magical was happening, and also knew that when the time came to open my own place then that’s where I’d turn to.

“So when that happened eight years ago, their US distributor hooked me up with the 150s and I’ve used them ever since. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’re the only thing that I can use to create my audio balances. They’re smooth and not fatiguing, and somehow make digital sound like analogue. I can sit in a room all day long and not burn out.”

“Alan also uses ATCs, and it’s just been a case of coincidence that this amazingly huge project was done down the line on these speakers.”

A sequel, provisionally called Titanfall 2, is currently in development.