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Bassmaxx SSP215 Profundo

Dual sub

What is it? A powered, dual 15″ sub said to compare favorably with a most dual 18″ models offering equal or higher output but significantly less size and weight. Details Powered by an onboard amplifier delivering 2.4kW to the woofers and capable of powering a second cabinet for a total output of 4kW, the Bassmaxx SSP215 houses two 15″ driverswith 4″ voice coils. With a frontal dimension of only 17.5″, it is versatile enough to accommodate a range of placement options including under low stages, flown from low ceilings, tucked into corners or between furniture where larger boxes wouldn’’ fit. It’s larger 48″ dimension also makes it useful as a stacking platform, raising top boxes up above audiences’ heads. Tuned low for use as a real subwoofer – with long-excursion, low-distortion drivers – the SSP215 is said to deliver a tight, punchy sound as well as deep, rolling bass, and according to Bassmaxx, is “engineered to work hard and continue to work where others often fail”. And another thing… Bassmaxx’s ‘Sound Defense’ warranty covers failed drivers – including burned-out voice coils – for a period of two years.