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Yamaha partners with BBC Introducing Live again

Around 15,000 musicians and industry professionals attended this year's BBC Introducing Live event, which aims to discover unsigned and upcoming musical talent.

Around 15,000 musicians and industry professionals attended this year’s BBC Introducing Live, which aims to discover unsigned and upcoming industry talent, with the event operating in partnership once again with Yamaha.

Aimed at helping young people to gain knowledge about the music business, the event was presented by well-known artists, DJs, managers and A&R people, with the wide-ranging programme including over 100 masterclasses and interactive sessions, practical workshops and Q+A sessions, as well as performance opportunities for all levels of talent from amateur rappers to Deadmau5.

In addition to providing extensive technical support for the performance and seminar areas, Yamaha showcased a selection of carefully-selected instruments to inspire musicians and hosted a seminar programme; the Yamaha Sessions.

The seminar programme was delivered in conjunction with Steinberg and Line 6. Topics ranged from how to write, record and perform (Mike Coyle Tonik, Hannah Vasanth, Mo Pleasure, Billy Lockett and more) to the creation of unique sounds, and how to get started with music production (Dom Sigalas).

Yamaha also provided mixing consoles and loudspeakers for the bandstands, mini performance stages, Great Gallery stage and the 24 seminar spaces. A NEXO GEO M10 line array was brought in for the stage sponsored by record label Believe, providing sound reinforcement for new artists.

“This unique event gives us an opportunity to get close to the future of music in the UK,” says Yamaha’s Chris Irvine. “Yamaha is committed to nurturing young talent and BBC Introducing Live creates a theatre where we can come and show our support in different ways, demonstrating that the Yamaha brand has something for everyone.”