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BCS buys first Soundcraft Vi6 from Crystal Pro Audio

BCS Audio’s Dave Shepard cites “an increasing number of rider demands” as incentive to purchase a Soundcraft Vi6 digital console from Crystal Pro Audio.

BCS Audio has purchased Soundcraft Vi6 digital console from Crystal Pro Audio – a first for the Fareham-based pro audio hire company. BCS’s Dave Shepherd has worked with many of the current digital desks on tour with acts ranging from Plan B, to Thirty Seconds to Mars and Black Eyed Peas. Shepherd said he increasingly found himself hiring in Soundcraft boards to meet rider demands and so decided it was time to invest in his own. The opportunity to exchange second-hand kit in order to facilitate the purchase led steered him towards Soundcraft dealers Crystal Pro Audio, who he had previously dealt with on a number of occasions. “I like the desk a lot and decided it was a good weapon to have in our armoury,” said Shepherd. “It’s extremely intuitive – particularly for engineers who want 32 faders on the top layer. It has plenty of inputs and outputs, the dynamics are good, the tie lines are useful and it sounds great straight out of the box. The Vi6 is now appearing on an increasing number of tech specs – everyone is asking for it.” Shepherd first used the console two years ago mixing Plan B on the second stage at V Festival. “I simply walked up to the desk and realised straight away how intuitive it was,” he said. “It’s also quite a quick desk in terms of response. But one of its greatest features is the fact that two people can work on it at once, which is extremely useful at festivals.” Pictured: Kevin Sefton (FOH engineer), Matt Coton (PA tech), Francis Gardner (monitor engineer) and Graham Burton (system tech) – with BCS Audio’s new Vi6.