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Bel Digital Audio BM-AV1-E16SHD

 What is it?A 16-channel 3G HD monitor/de-embedder – the flagship model in Bel’s range. DetailsThe BM-AV1-E16SHD provides 16-channel audio and video monitoring of 3G HD, SDI and SD video signals with loopthrough, Dolby decoding and integral loudness metering (compliant to ITU-R BS1770) in a compact 1U package. The design incorporates a comprehensive range of inputs and outputs, including two SDI inputs alongside eight AES audio pairs and eight analogue inputs. It offers auto-selection of 3G, HD and SD SDI bitstreams and decodes these as appropriate. Switching between inputs is accomplished by means of front-panel rotary controls. The unit provides monitoring of all 16 channels and allows combinations and groups to be set up. Visual audio monitoring is via eight, 3-colour LED bar graph meters on the front panel, switchable between all available channels and inputs. The meters also have adjustable colour transition points and a peak-hold facility. Ballistics are user-assignable with seven standard scales to choose from: Nordic, BBC PPM, DIN PPM, VU, VU Ext, AES/EBU plus loudness metering. The design incorporates two front-mounted speakers and a headphone socket for monitoring of any audio channel. A high-quality OLED display on the front panel provides video monitoring as well as comprehensive metadata reporting. This includes an auto-dimming function which switches in when the display is not in use and is said to increase its lifespan significantly. The BM-AV1-E16SHD’s Dolby Decoder is includes as standard and is capable of decoding Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus material from any of the AES inputs – or from embedded audio data within the SDI bitstreams.