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beyerdynamic MC 836

Rugged, lightweight condenser shotgun

What is it?
Rugged, lightweight line/gradient condenser shotgun with directional polar pattern that was designed to satisfy the demands of ENG and EFP applications.

Featuring a lobe/cardioid polar pattern, the MC 836 offers a switchable low frequency roll-off that eliminates unwanted low frequencies at a cut-off of 90Hz. Integrated footfall sound insulation avoids the transmission of noise below 40Hz. Specification also includes nominal impedance of 180 ohms, load impedance of 1000 ohms, frequency response of 40-20,000Hz and a 3-pin XLR connector. In addition to the aforementioned ENG and EFP applications, the MC 836 is also said to be suited to studio, film and theatre applications. The MC 837, with lobe polar pattern, is also available.