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beyerdynamic Opus 910

UHF wireless system

What is it?A UHF wireless system featuring a wide selection of receivers, transmitters and interchangeable microphone heads for use either on tour or in fixed installations, DetailsThree receivers (single, double and quad channel) are available, each offering 2880 freely-selectable UHF frequencies per range as well as pre-programmed frequency groups to ease setting up of multi-channel systems. A volume-controlled headphone output is included for monitoring individual receiver channels and system settings are carried out using a jog wheel. A wide-angle colour LCD provides data such as frequency, group/channel, user name, field strength, audio level and remaining battery level. All receivers are fitted with an internal switching power supply, while the dual and quad channel receivers each have an integrated antenna splitter.The Opus range features two handheld transmitters operating at 36MHz UHF bandwidth and said to deliver optimum HF performance even in large multi-channel systems and difficult environmental conditions. ACT interfacing is included together with a noiseless on/off switch and LCD showing channel/group and remaining battery capacity. Two AA alkaline batteries power the S 910 M (with metal housing) for over 20 hours, while the S 910 C model (with plastic housing) has integrated charging contacts and is supplied with built-in rechargeable batteries which provide an operating time of over 23 hours. The range of interchangeable microphone heads includes the RM 510 cardioid ribbon model (said to be the only ribbon design offering cardioid polar response; the CM 930 cardioid condenser vocal microphone – offering a “subtle treble boost” to create an open, detailed sound characteristic – and the DM 960 dynamic hypercardioid design for use in high-power environments where it offers distinctive close mic’ing effect capable of bringing vocals forward in the mix. The remaining two models are the EM 981 cardioid electret condenser and the DM 969 supercardioid dynamic for vocals and speech offering high gain-before-feedback characteristics.And another thing…The Opus 910 range also features two pocket transmitters: the TS 910 M (with metal housing) and TS 910 (with plastic housing) – both designed for use with clip-on lavaliere and headset microphones as well as electric and bass guitars.