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‘The market for high-quality affordable PAs has been vacant until now’: BishopSound launches its first line array loudspeaker system

Simultaneously, the company has opened a new dedicated demo facility located in the Midlands

BishopSound, a Yorkshire-based pro sound loudspeaker manufacturer, has launched its first line array loudspeaker system, the Delta dual eight-inch passive line array. Simultaneously, the company has opened a new dedicated demo facility located in the Midlands.

Designed and tuned in the UK, the Delta passive line array BLA208 consists of four dual eight-inch boxes and comes in a purpose-built plywood flight case, weighing just 18kg.

Each of the four boxes contains two eight-inch BishopSound neo drivers with 2.5 inch voice coils and two 1.34 HF units with titanium diaphragms. British-made Kevlar speaker cones are used throughout. Each box delivers 600w RMS and operates at 65~20KHZ.

Andrew Bishop

Explaining the development and intended market for Delta, BishopSound’s Andrew Bishop said: “The live music scene is getting increasingly competitive and the needs of our industry have changed. Promoters are driving rental companies into the ground by offering less money for the sound at events and the middle market for high-quality affordable PA products has been vacant, that is, until now.

“Prices of some of the larger ‘big name’ line array systems have reached a point that they simply cannot earn their keep, so our challenge was to come up with a system that sounded good, was reliable and will be affordable and profitable for hire companies and end-users to own and run. We have opened a new facility in the Midlands so that prospective buyers can pick a time to suit them and have access to a BishopSound consultant/engineer on a one-to-one basis to demonstrate just how much they can now get for their money.”

BishopSound’s Delta passive line array has an RRP of £2,499 but as an introductory offer, the system can be purchased for just £1,999 inc VAT. A free plywood flight case is included free of charge.

The company is booking appointments with immediate effect.