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Blue Box Studios opens in West London

Industry veteran Nikki Affleck has opened the doors to her own Blue Box Studios in West London, which centres around an SSL AWS 924 console.

Well-known former TownHouse studio manager Nikki Affleck has opened Blue Box Studios in Acton, West London which she will run alongside her current duties in A&R coordination with Sony Music.

A perceived gap in the marketplace motivated Affleck’s enterprising move: “So many studios have closed in West London that in my work as A&R coordinator, it was proving really difficult to hire a good studio where my bands could write and record,” she said.

“Most of the record companies are West London-based, plus many producers and engineers seem to live in this part of town, yet there are now only a couple of commercial studios for hire.”

The facility, designed by Munro Acoustics, offers two production rooms with vocal booths, an SSL studio and a video editing suite.

Studio 1 is installed with an SSL AWS 924 console, Focal, KRK and Yamaha monitoring, the latest Apple computers running Pro Tools, Logic, Waves, Avid Media Composer 6 etc and a range of outboard equipment including an Avalon VT747sp stereo EQ and compressor, a UA 1176, an Emperical Labs EL8X, Tube Tech CL1B, SSL X Rack and Neve pre-amps and EQs, plus a selection of AKG, Shure, Sennheiser and Neumann mics.

“By offering a Munro-designed SSL studio, we are up there with some of the best in London,’ said Affleck, who counts Marcus, Nomis, Westside and Townhouse among the studios she has managed during her career.

“Since my move into A&R coordination it’s been interesting to see the business from the other side of the fence. As a result, I have a good understanding of the budgets record companies have to operate within these days, and I’ve geared Blue Box towards this, to provide a realistic, high quality studio on their doorstep. We’ve designed it to both sound and look really good, with a stylish, boutique interior finish. We’ve had so much endorsement already from the people who’ve helped make this a reality that I have every confidence it will be a success.”