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Bose introduces SoundComm B40 Headset for live event professionals

The SoundComm B40 Headset builds upon the Bose SoundComm B30, the headset of choice by the National Football Leagu

Bose today introduced the new Bose SoundComm B40 Headset, designed for live event production professionals.

The SoundComm B40 Headset builds upon the Bose SoundComm B30, the headset of choice by the National Football League and the engineering reputation Bose has cultivated over 30 years of building professional noise cancellation headsets.

The SoundComm B40 Headset streamlines communication for production professionals in many environments, including:

  • Live music and theatre productions: Clear communication, comfort, and durability are ideal features for live event professionals working in outdoor or indoor environments such as camera operators, lighting professionals, front of house engineers and event production crews.
  • Church and worship productions: The B40 Headset’s advanced technology provides precise and intelligible intercom audio, giving place-of-worship production crews the support they need to work as a team and capture important moments.
  • Professional, college-level and high school sporting events: The B40 features Bose acoustic noise cancellation technology that reduces crowd noise and helps to facilitate focus for coaching and sideline support staff.

“Whether it’s a live music concert, large worship service or loud sports game, there are countless communication challenges involved in producing a live event,” said Glenn Burack, director of communications headsets at Bose. “With the SoundComm B40, we created a superior headset for high noise environments where focus and communication are critical.”

Equipped with proprietary Bose acoustic noise cancellation technology, the Bose SoundComm B40 also reduces crowd noise and distractions. It features a weather-resistant dynamic noise cancellation microphone that optimises intelligibility and provides far-field noise rejection to enable clear communication within a live event production team.

The headset was designed with varying environmental conditions in mind. Rugged, lightweight materials, intelligent weight distribution and low clamping force make this a headset built for long-term comfort and usage.

The SoundComm B40 is available in four-pin XLRF and five-pin XLRM variants, making it compatible with many intercom systems that provide monaural or binaural audio. The SoundComm B40 comes with a one-year warranty in North America and a two-year warranty in Europe and is supported by Bose’s acclaimed headset service.

It is priced at $749.95 for the single-earcup version and $849.95 for the dual-earcup version, and can be purchased through select authorized Bose dealers and online at